The following video provides technical analysis & swing trade ideas on the Nasdaq 100, FAAMG stocks, agricultural commodities, natural gas, crude oil, & several individual stocks. Silver or Gold level access required.

As numerous trade ideas across various asset classes are covered, the video runs a bit longer than usual. For those wanting to skip ahead to coverage of a particular security, the following are covered (roughly) in this order:

  • Nasdaq 100 via QQQ & /NQ (e-mini futures) with a brief look at SPY (up to the 10:50 mark)
  • 10:50: Market-leading FAAMG stocks (FB, AAPL, AMZN, MSFT, & GOOGL)
  • 24:44: Various agricultural commodities via the following ETNs/ETFs; WEAT, JO, NIB, CANE, SSG, JJG, CORN, COW, SGG, BAL, & DBA
  • 31:52: Natural Gas via UNG & /NG (near-term analysis & outlook) followed by $NATGAS (highlighting some seasonality/cycle patterns on the long-term charts)
  • 39:17: Considerations regarding selecting some of the securities with above-average gain potential such as crude oil & select stocks (TSLA, NFLX, PAAS) including analysis & price targets for PAAS