IWM/TNA Trade Setup & Entry

IWM offers an objective short entry here on the break below this 60-minute chart pattern. The two official price targets at this time are T1 at 118.61 & T2 at 117.08 although this trade may be extended with additional price targets added, depending on how the chart play out in the coming days. IWM [...]

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Sector Short Trade Ideas

For those looking for short exposure or hedges to a portfolio of longs, here are a few of the sector ETFs that stand out as short-side swing trading opportunities. While I may add some of these as official trade ideas, I don't have the time to annotate all the charts & list suggested stops & [...]

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TNA/TWM Trade Stopped Out

The TNA short/TWM long trade idea entered on March 4th exceeded the suggested stop of a close above 1130 on the $RUT on Friday, accounting for a 13.7% loss on TNA (or about a 9% loss on TWM). Although this trade will be removed from the Active Trades category & assigned to the Completed Trades, [...]

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IWM TNA Short Trade Update

Today's Fed-induced rally has the potential to damage the bearish technical case for the TNA/IWM short trade, but hasn't done so yet. In fact, today's marginal new high is another divergent high. Essentially, the small caps have traded sideways for the last 3 weeks, with the IWM/TNA short trade actually still profitable earlier today before [...]