IWM Next Sell Signal Triggered, Admin Notes

IWM (Russell 2000 small cap etf) is now clearly trading below the minor uptrend line support level that was posted yesterday, along with confirmation of this additional sell signal via a bearish MACD crossover and 13/33-ema bearish crossover on the 60-minute time frame.

IWM 60-minute March 24th

IWM 60-minute March 24th

I will post some of the intial downside targets for the TNA (3x bullish small cap etf) Active Short Trade later today. You might also noticed some cosmetic & functional changes to the site today as we working on rolling out a new interface to the website. As such, I will be largely preoccupied with these changes today & will check into the trading room & my private messages/emails periodically throughout the day. Essentially, nothing has changed in my near-term outlook for the equity markets as well as oil & gold/GDX... all of which appear to have more downside in the near-term.

Please note that some of the features of the site might experience temporary issues or may not appear right away if/when the new interface is rolled out but the functionality to the site should be fully restored by the weekend.

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  1. david k March 24, 2016 10:06 am at 10:06 am

    Randy, on IWM, do you expect a back test of the broken trend line at the 107 area and then a bigger move down from there?


    • rsotc March 24, 2016 10:17 am at 10:17 am

      david (and all), No, I don’t expect a backtest of that TL but I’d really have to look at the chart of QQQ, SPY & MDY to be sure. Right now I’m just sitting tight with mostly swing short positions, not overly concerned with the near-term zigs & zags but that’s largely a function of the fact that I’m working on back-end/programming changes to the site today.
      In fact, pardon our dust here shortly as I’m almost ready to flip the switch on the new interface for the site. Some things will look quite different & if you guys notice any issues with functionality (i.e.- something doesn’t work), please shoot me a private message. Also note certain areas of the site such as the contact form, FAQ page, etc.. will be down at first for a while but the trading room & most of the site navigation should work.


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