Sector Short Trade Ideas

For those looking for short exposure or hedges to a portfolio of longs, here are a few of the sector ETFs that stand out as short-side swing trading opportunities. While I may add some of these as official trade ideas, I don't have the time to annotate all the charts & list suggested stops & [...]

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Island Cluster Top Reversal On QQQ

Member @specie had mentioned the possibility of an Island Cluster Reversal in the trading room yesterday, which so far, with today's gap down in QQQ has proved to be the case. Should the Q's failed to backfill today's gap & then some, this fairly reliable topping/reversal pattern will likely have lasting bearish implications for the [...]

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Revising Stops on TQQQ Short Trade

I am revising the official stops on the TQQQ short trade to any move above 87.00, which will assure a 26% gain since the Oct 28th entry at 117.50. I am also considering officially closing the trade soon, possibly today. Additional notes & charts will follow but as of now, the TQQQ short will be [...]

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