KEYS Stop Hit, QQQ Update

The KEYS Active Short Trade just exceeded the suggested stop of any move above 39.82 (i.e.- any print of 39.83) for a 4.9% loss (for those holding out for T2). KEYS had previously hit the first price target for a quick 6% profit just two days after the short entry & as with the rest of the market, has floundered around in a trading range since, failing to reach the 2nd & final price target. On a related note, while removing KEYS from the Active Short Trades category, I noticed that the QQQ short trade entered back on March [...]

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KEYS Bearish Pennant Chart Pattern

The expected reaction following the initial impulsive thrust down to the first target (the flagpole) has taken the form of a bearish pennant continuation pattern with the next sell signal on KEYS to come on an impulsive break down below the pennant. Note how perfectly the measured target (i.e.- length of the flagpole added to the top of the pennant, should it break down soon) lines up with my 2nd & final price target. Previous & updated daily charts for the KEYS (Keysight Technologies Inc) Active Short Trade below: As always, click on the symbol tag (KEYS) at the [...]

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KEYS First Price Target Hit For A Quick 6% Profit

The KEYS (Keysight Technologies Inc) short trade has hit T1 for a quick, 2 day gain of 6%. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or lowering your stops if holding out for T2, which is the final price target for this trade. Previous & updated daily charts: KEYS has essentially wiped out the previous 4+ months of gains in just the last 5 trading sessions; a great example of how stocks typically fall much faster than they rise & how being a flexible trader, shorting stocks in addition to trading long, can enhance returns for traders & investors as [...]

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Earnings Trade Setups, part 2 (video)

This is a follow-up to Wednesday's Earnings Trade Setups & Trading Tips video. In that recent video, I had scrubbed through a long list of stocks that were scheduled to report earnings on Wednesday March 8th, narrowing it down to a list of 20 stocks that appeared to have clearly bullish or bearish chart patterns. The purpose of that video was two-fold: First, to provide a list of actionable trade ideas with the additional benefit that all of those stocks will have just reported earnings, thereby allowing a swing trader to establish a position without having to make the tough decision [...]

Earnings Trade Setups & Trading Tips (video)

The video covers the outlook for numerous stocks with clearly bullish or bearish chart patterns that are scheduled to report earnings today. Also discussed are several factors & strategies that traders might consider when trading a stock around its quarterly earnings report. One example of the point that was made in the video that it has been my experience that more often than not, an earnings-induced gap and/or the next direction in the stock in the coming days/weeks+ can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy if the technicals on the stock leading up to the earnings report are clearly [...]

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