i spent most of yesterday working on the changes to the site and re-categorizing older trades for the new system so i plan to update some of the more recent trades throughout the day today.  although i’m always keeping an eye out for new trade ideas, my preference right now is to focus on the numerous existing set-ups and active trades as to not post an overwhelming amount of trade ideas at any one time.  i will continue to move trades that have hit target(s) or been stopped out over to the completed trades category and add new set-ups and trade ideas that offer the best R/R profile.

here’s the updated 120 min chart of the existing AMKR short trade, which hit it’s first target on friday and traded below that support level yesterday, which increases the odds of T2 (my favored target) being hit.  if you haven’t taken profits yet, consider lowering your stops on the trade to either just above the T1 level (for a tight stop) or right at or slightly above the 6.05 level for a more liberal stop, assume that fits your trading style.  updated chart is first, previous chart 2nd: