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Semiconductors & Miscellaneous Trading Comments

I see a lot of discussion & buzz about AMD today in the trading room today & just wanted to share the fact that I wouldn't underestimate just how far the semis, or really any stock or sector for that matter, can potentially fall (or rise) from here. Given; the primary trend is the broad [...]

Jan 12, 2017 10:47am|Categories: Equity Market Analysis, Trading Tips|Comments Off on Semiconductors & Miscellaneous Trading Comments

AMD Analysis & General Trading Tips (video)

This video provides a comprehensive review of the charts of AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, using various time frames to make the case that this stock is poised to fall over 50% in the coming year or so. While not an official Active Trade or Trade Setup at this time, although I am monitoring the stock [...]

Dec 8, 2016 12:52pm|Categories: Equity Market Analysis, Trading Tips, Unofficial Short Ideas|Comments Off on AMD Analysis & General Trading Tips (video)

New Site Features

The story in the equity markets remains the same: Slow grind higher with numerous sell signals on the broad markets still pending & several leading stocks still pending but yet to trigger. I'm working on publishing a comprehensive overview of global financial markets, including the US & major international equity indices, agricultural commodities, precious metals, [...]

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