Short Trades Removed

The following short trades will be removed from the Active Trades category.  Some of these trades may have already hit one or more profit targets while others failed to reach their price target(s).  Many of these trades have also exceeded their suggested stop level while others may not have but [...]

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Shorting CBK

If at first you don't succeed...  CBK was a recently stopped out short trade which was added at the open on Jan 15th, only to be stopped out after being caught on the wrong side of a news-induced gap the very next day for a 75 cent loss.  The stock [...]

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CBK stopped out

CBK has just made a new high on the day and will be consider stopped out and removed to the completed trades category. CBK is on watch for possible re-entry soon pending an objective technical sell signal.

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CBK updated stop level

So far, CBK had the typical over-reaction spike shortly after the open, peaking at a high of 6.24 before falling back sharply.  However, the stock is hanging in there so far and may or may not take out that level and move higher.  As per my trading plan, any move [...]

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CBK update

CBK raised guidance after the close yesterday causing the stock to trade up (albeit on very thin volume) in the after-hours session.  Currently the stock is indicated to open between 6.12 - 6.25 (pre-market bid/ask).  I've received a couple of questions on the stock so here are my thoughts on [...]

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CBK short setup & entry

Barring any gap of more than 3% in either direction, I will be adding CBK as an active short trade at the open tomorrow.  As seen in the daily chart below, CBK has recently broken down from a bearish rising wedge pattern and while the stock was down big earlier [...]

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