This will be the first of several videos covering some of the sectors, industries and commodities that appear to be setting up for objective trading or investing opportunities. This video starts with an overview of XLE (Energy Sector ETF) followed by the outlook for XOP (Oil & Gas Exploration ETF), OIL (Crude Oil ETN), USO (United Stated Oil Fund LP) and concludes with detail coverage of the solar sector, inducing TAN (solar ETN) and updates on all of the solar stocks that were first highlighted as setting up for what could be “potential explosive rallies” the April 4th Solar Stock Trade Setups postback in as well as the follow up posts & video coverage of the solar stocks that followed. The first part of the video covering the energy ETFs (XLE, XOP, OIL, USO & TAN) concludes around the 10:00 minute mark, followed by analysis of each of the 20 solar stocks that have been highlighted in various updates since that April 4th post.

Bottom line: It appears that the oil & gas sector may be at or close to a bottom & offers an attractive risk/reward profile in intermediate to longer term. However, while XLE has fallen to a key support level that I had as a potential target for months now, I can see the possibility of one more leg down and as such, my confidence isn’t high enough to start aggressively engaging the energy sector just yet.

The majority of the solar stocks that have been highlighted as standout trading opps since early April have already gained high double & even triple digits without any substantial corrections or consolidation. As such, while the momentum in the solar stocks is still quite bullish at this time & a few of the setups that have been highlighted still look poised to breakout (those are covered in the video), it appears that the risk of a sudden & sharp correction outweighs adding much new exposure to the solar stocks at this time. Potential pullback/re-entry levels are covered on many of the stocks that have experience sharp rallies over the last few months.

The following solar stocks are covered in this order after the 10 minute mark: FSLR, JKS, RGSE, CSIQ, JASO, HQCL, TAN, VSLR, SPWR, GLBL, SEDG, VNP.TO, RUN, SKYS, TERP, YGE, ASTI, BSRC, CAFD & SUNEQ.