NOK final target hit

the NOK long has hit and exceeded the final target today so consider booking full profits as this trade will now be moved to the completed trades section.  NOK was posted while breaking out less than 1 month ago and is current trading at 59% above that level (although I will use T3 for tracking purposes, which was a 53% gain).

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NOK second target hit

NOK hit T2 today for a quick 29%, 5 day gain.  consider taking partial or full profits and/or raising your stops, depending on your trading plan.  T3 remains final target.

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NOK breaking out

i just received a price alert on NOK as it is creeping above this downtrend line that i've been watching.  nice bullish divergences in place to boot.  personally, i'm going to pass on it for now as i'm waiting to see how the market follows thru (or not) to today's big gap.  also keep in mind that we have a tons of companies reporting earnings after the bell, including some widely followed names like AMZN & FB.  targets are market on this 4 hour chart. as always, set stops appropriately if you decide to take it.  

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