I’ve recently communicated my preference to start booking profits among the various cannabis stock trade ideas that have been highlighted over the past couple of months. While the momentum has clearly been bullish lately, there are several reasons for taking profits and reducing exposure to the sector over the last few days, as discussed in this video. I still believe that many of the cannabis related stock will continue to offer very lucrative swing trading as well as investing opportunities going forward & I share how I plan to engage this sector going forward.

The following marijuana or cannabis related companies are discussed in this order: EDXC, GRNH, MJNA, CANN, CVSI, CGRW, AMMJ, CBDS, CBIS, VAPE, CCAN, ACBFF, TRTC, SGBY, FULL, CARA, AERO, CNAB (also with a very quick overview of several other marijuana stocks from there).