as my primary focus on this site has been working out the bugs, i’m finally getting a chance here to update a lot of trades that were moved into the “Active Trades” category.  here’s a list of the recently active trades, some of which were stopped out, some of which have hit or exceeded their profit target(s) and others that will remain “Active” for now.  keep in mind that a trade may be categorized as both “Active” and “Completed” or even stopped out as every trader or investor has different trading styles, holding periods, risk parameters (stop allowances), etc… for example, an active trader might opt to book full or partial profits at the first of three likely targets show in the chart.  additionally, i will often mention more than one objective stop level; one for active trades with a smaller price target and another, wider stop for a longer-term swing trader or investor that is targeting a larger profit target.  therefore, the same trade can be in any or all of these categories at once. here is a list of the trades recently moved to the “Active Trade” category with the charts for a few of those below:

SFI- first target (T1) was hit today.  i personally took profits and don’t plan on re-entering or tracking this stock at this time so i have moved it to the completed trades category.  the next target zone (T2) is on the most recent chart for anyone who wishes to hold onto it for now.

CAT, JJC, PRU, MAS, AMZN, BIDU – posted on friday as objective shorts around current levels, still active.

EXC- 60 min falling wedge triggered this morning… active.

EGLE- posted friday, 1st target (horizontal line) hit today.   shorter-term traders could book full/partial profits, longer-term traders need to see that horizontal resistance line taken out but be aware downtrend line is not far overhead which might act as additional resistance.

EXM- identical notes to EGLE above….

XOM- still active.  60 min XOM trade at a small loss but daily chart swing trade still looks very ripe for a pullback.  updated chart soon.

CTFO- posted hitting and exceeding T1 last week so some may have booked partial or full profits.  T2 still not hit yet.  updated chart soon.

XLU- T1 (lower wedge trendline) hit so full or partial profits may have been taken.  longer-term traders may want to hold out for the next two targets.  chart soon.

ROG- stops hit shortly after entry.  no longer active.

NVO- depending on one’s on trading style, this one could have been entered on the breakdown of the daily wedge, which proved to be a false breakdown (we did NOT get a close of the daily candlestick below the wedge, which would have been confirmation for a swing-trade enter that was based off the daily chart).  personally, i took the trade and am underwater.  NVO made a push back up to horizontal resistance the top of the wedge, which was not so far as the wedge was approaching apex.  the stock once again appears to be breaking below the wedge so will be a more “conservative” short entry if NVO makes a solid close below that level.  chart soon.

UPS- similar to NVO in that i gave a false sell signal on a breakdown of a bearish rising wedge pattern.  although UPS did actually manage to close slightly below it’s uptrend line, it quickly regained on a gap higher the following morning and has moved higher stopping just shy of horizontal resistance and exactly at the top of the wedge, so far.  like NVO, this wedge pattern is rapidly approaching it’s apex so a resolution one way or the other is likely.  chart still favors a downside break IMO, and we are right back to the bottom of the wedge as i type so i will keep this one both as an active trade and a set-up for now, since a new position could be entered on a breakdown.  chart soon.

KLAC-  virtually identical charts, notes, pattern, etc.. as NVO and UPS.  tight stops may have been hit but this one looks ripe for a pullback from current levels. chart soon.

FORD- posted that T2 was hit back on january 12th so one could have taken profits or still hold out for T3 or T4.  since hitting T2, prices pulled back to support around T1, consolidated and have recently moved back towards the T2 resistance area.  will leave on as both active and completed for now.

CME- this short-trade played out for a very modest gain right after the break of support but has since pushed back up above entry for a loss about equal to the earlier gain.  there was some positive divergence put in place on the recent lows, which may have aided in the bounce.  as for now, i’m still short and plan to set a stop just above last weeks spike high around 244.

WG- hit T2 on the 60 min chart back on january 4th which i mentioned as a possible profit taking opp. but also said one the trade could morph into a longer-term trade based on the daily chart. on friday, it hit the first of several horizontal levels that i added to the daily chart but in check the previous posts now, those levels might not have been added on the snap-shot of that chart.  will update it soon.

SPG- still active.  modest pullback since original post and has since pushed back to around the entry level.  chart continue to look ripe for a pullback.  chart soon plus i will take a look at SRS as well (SPG is the largest component of the REIT sector and usually leads SRS).

DEXO- daily chart breakout still in play although i exited based off the 60 min chart and haven’t been following this one.  if anyone is still long, e-mail me and i will update a chart with targets and stops.

MFC- stopped out a while ago when it moved back above break-down level.

PNSN- suggested taking full or partial profits back on 12/23 when the stock jumped another 11% that day to hit T1.  i sold all shares and haven’t followed it much since then but it since that time, it has consolidated under T1 and remains just slightly above the original break-out level.  could be poised to make another thrust higher but i would not recommending re-entering until/unless T1 is taken out.

WYNN- swing short still in play.  shorter-term WYNN has taken out it’s downtrend line on the daily chart but is struggling with a horizontal resistance level posted earlier.  chart later.