active trades updates/notes

as my primary focus on this site has been working out the bugs, i'm finally getting a chance here to update a lot of trades that were moved into the "Active Trades" category.  here's a list of the recently active trades, some of which were stopped out, some of which have hit or exceeded their [...]

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SFI 1st target hit

SFI current trading at 7.18 as i type, which is the first target (T1).  consider taking full or partial profits and/or moving up stops.  there is a 2nd target zone on chart for anyone who likes the pattern and wants to hold on but i will be moving SFI to the completed trades at this [...]

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SFI update

SFI was recent posted as a symmetrical triangle pattern that could break either way.  it triggered a long with an upside breakout shortly after posting it and continues to move up nicely.  however, ideally you want to see increased volume following a breakout and that has not been the case so far with SFI.  price [...]

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SFI triangle pattern

this one could break either way.  targets marked on chart for both and upside breakout of the triangle pattern or a downside breakout.  SFI daily chart.

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