Coal Sector Overview & Trade Setups

I'm noticing quite a few bullish trade setups developing in the left-for-dead coal stocks. This video covers the charts of some of my favorites, along with general entry levels (buy triggers) and price targets. As discussed in the video, many of these coal stock are just coming off very strong runs, most into key resistance levels & as such, there is still some work to be done in order to firm up the bullish case for these stocks. While the coal stocks are extremely volatile, aggressive trades, the trade setups highlighted in this video offer very attractive R/R profiles. Note: The [...]

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CLD Final Target Hit For 21% Gain

CLD (Cloud Peak Energy) has hit T2, the final target at 4.33 for a 21% gain in less than 24 hours. Consider booking full profits, trailing or raising stops at this point. Although this trade will now be moved to the Completed Trades category, the next two horizontal lines above are potential targets for those who wish to remain long. CLD daily 2 Aug 27th

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CLD First Price Target Hit, 8.4% Gain

CLD (Cloud Peak Energy Inc) has hit the first target for an 8.4% gain in less than 24 hrs since the entry yesterday. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising your stops if holding out for T2. T2 (4.33) remains the final target at this time although additional price targets may be added, depending on how the charts of CLD, the coal sector and crude oil (a large driver of coal prices) develop going forward. CLD daily Aug 27th

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CLD Breakout

The CLD long trade setup posted earlier has taken out the 3.57 level, triggering a long entry. We're starting to see some volume come into the stock since the breakout but nothing spectacular. Breakouts that are accompanied by above average volume have a much lower chance of failing that those accompanied by average or below average volume. With that being said, price speaks loudest so CLD is an Active Trade. Once again, the suggested stops on this trade are based using a 3:1 R/R to one's preferred price target(s), with T2 (4.33) as the final target at this time. Therefore, CLD [...]

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CLD Long Trade Setup

CLD (Cloud Peak Energy Inc.) will trigger a long entry on any break above 3.57 (preferably on above avg. volume). Suggested stops using a 3:1 or better R/R to one's preferred price target (T1 or T2). 60 minute chart below: CLD 60 minute Aug 26th   Zooming out to the daily time frame, a breakout above this Descending Broadening Wedge pattern would coincide with a breakout of the dual intersecting resistance levels on the 60-minute chart & would likely have intermediate to longer-term bullish implications for CLD. As such, additional price targets (see 60 minute chart) may be added. [...]

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Monday Morning Comments

IWM 120 min Oct 20th I left town for the weekend on Friday & just returned last night and plan to post some updated market commentary as soon as I review the charts. I received several email questions & comments since Friday, along with a couple of donations as well a testimonial (thank you), all of which I plan to reply to as soon as I get my bearings. In looking at the 120-minute chart of the IWM that was posted before I left town, I noticed that the first suggested stop for the IWM short trade was incorrectly [...]

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CLD Final Target Hit

CLD (Cloud Peak Energy), one of the recent coal stock trades, has hit the top of the target zone for a 14.7% gain & will be considered completed.  For those who wish to hold out for additional gains, the yellow downtrend line would be the next likely target.  Previous & updated daily charts below.  Click here to view the live chart of CLD.

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