Today I plan to update all of the trade ideas on the site in order to remove any stopped out trades or those trade that no longer offer look compelling to make room for some new trade setups which I plan to add over the weekend & into next week. As I still remain longer-term bullish on precious metals & the mining sector, GLD/$GOLD, SLV/$SILVER and all of the individual mining stock trade ideas will remain as Active Long-Term Trade ideas for now but we be remove from the Active Longs category (Active Long Trades are typical swing trade idea) in order to streamline the Long Trade Ideas category, which will likely focus on quick counter-trend trades (other than select commodities).

The following Long Trade ideas will be moved to the Completed Trades category:

ACI- Stopped out as per the suggested criteria (SOAPSC) shortly after the breakout (Failed to reach any price targets).

BTU- Hit the first profit target for a quick 3% gain before reversing & exceeding the suggested 3:1 R/R stop.

NSL- SOAPSC before reaching the first price target. However, this one may still have been profitable as NSL when factoring in the dividends paid as this was a high-yielding Growth & Income Trade idea.

ANR- Hit T1 for a 13.3% gain on Aug 19th & then reversed to be SOAPSC.

NLY- Technically, NLY should have been considered stopped out when it failed to close above the most recently highlight uptrend line last Friday (see previous notes). The stock is now trading back above that level and still looks ok from a long-term perspective for those who prefer to continue to hold this high-yielding mREIT. With that being said, this Growth & Income, Long-term Trade idea will be moved to the Completed Trades category at this time. NLY hit the first profit target back in February, so far falling just shy of T2 (the final target) and the total gains on this trade, if factoring in the 11-15% dividend yield over the last year, has more than exceeded 20% even to this point. Again, NLY will be considered completed at this time although any growth & income investors wanted to hold might consider a stop just below the recent (Oct) lows.

PWE- SOAPSC (close below 7.40) before reaching any profit target.

VHI- Hit T2 for a 40% gain on Aug 22nd & moved slightly higher before reversing an exceeded any reasonable stop.

WLT- Hit T1 for a quick 14.3% gain before reversing & exceeding the suggested stop of a 3:1 R/R.