Long Trade Ideas Updated

Today I plan to update all of the trade ideas on the site in order to remove any stopped out trades or those trade that no longer offer look compelling to make room for some new trade setups which I plan to add over the weekend & into next week. As I still remain longer-term bullish on precious metals & the mining sector, GLD/$GOLD, SLV/$SILVER and all of the individual mining stock trade ideas will remain as Active Long-Term Trade ideas for now but we be remove from the Active Longs category (Active Long Trades are typical swing trade idea) in [...]

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NSL Growth & Income Trade Update

The NSL long is somewhat unique amongst the closed end funds recently added to the new Growth & Income Trade ideas category.  Like the other CEFs, the Nuveen Senior Income Fund was selling at a substantial discount to NAV at the time of the original post (about 7% then vs. about a 3% discount to NAV today, as the price increase over the last month or so was largely attributed to the expected reversion back toward par).  However, [...]

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NSL Dividend Trade Idea

NSL will be added as an Active Long Trade here around current levels.  NSL is a closed-end fund currently yielding 6.98% & selling at a discount of 4.86% to the funds NAV (net asset value or market value of the combined holdings).  Similar to the closed-end municipal bond fund trade ideas posted yesterday, NSL looks to offer an good risk-to-reward profile based on both the fundamental factors listed above as well as a potentially bullish chart pattern as prices have recently fallen to support while working their way down within a bullish falling wedge pattern, complete with positive divergences in place [...]

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