The following video provides technical analysis of the major stock indices, various agricultural commodities, gold, silver, US Dollar, & Euro. Silver or Gold level access initially required.

Due to the large number of securities covered, this video runs longer than usual. For those wishing to skip ahead to coverage of a particular security, the following are covered roughly in this order:

  • Major stock indexes ETFs- No significant changes on the large-cap indexes (SPY, QQQ, etc..) although there were some significant developments worth noting on the small-caps (IWM) today
  • Updates on the recent PYPL & ADBE swing trade ideas
  • Coverage of various agricultural commodity ETNs, ETFs, and futures, including an update on the WEAT official trade which hit the 2nd price target today. (crude oil & nat. gas are also covered with the ag commodities about 1/3rd of the way through).
  • CPER (copper ETN)
  • Gold & silver via GLD, SLV, /GC, & /SI
  • US Dollar & Euro via UUP, $EUR/USD, /DX, and /E7.