LNKD dailyI’m adding LNKD as both a Short Trade Setup & a new Active Short Trade as an aggressive trade idea at current levels.  As LNKD is sitting on not one, but two intersecting support levels, any short entry here goes against conventional trading rules (which say buy support and sell resistance),  However, being both an aggressive and what I call an “anticipatory” trader, I am establishing a starter short position here in the expectation of a breakdown in the stock soon.  The reason for doing so before the actually breakdown in the case, is the fact that I think the odds are good that LNKD could make a sizable gap down into that thin zone which runs from around today’s low around 164 all the way down to the first and only target zone around the 127 area.  As this is both an aggressive trade and one that has not only not yet broken down technically but is sitting on key support, I have only taken a partial position at this time which I may or may not add to depending on how it plays out.  Stops on this lot above 180 with a stop on the Trade Setup (to be trigger on a break below today’s low of 164.17) or next lot TBD upon entry.