FCX Stopped Out, AVGO Short Entry Triggered

The FCX (Freeport McMoran Inc) short trade reversed 14 cents or about 1.6% shy of T1 before reversing & exceeding the suggested stop of 11.91 for a loss of 9%. FCX 60-minute April 25th Also just an FYI that the AVGO Short Setup triggered an entry on Friday on a cross below the 149.00 and is now both an Active Short Trade as well as a Short Trade Setup, as the stock still offers an objective entry. AVGO closed at 149.10 today but still looks to offer an objective entry anywhere down to the 145.80 level and up to [...]

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FCX Trade Update, Price Targets Revised

Upon further review of the charts, I've decided to add one additional price target to the FCX (Freeport McMoran Inc) active swing trade idea. FCX was added as an Active Short Swing Trade on March 22nd at a price of 10.95. The stock was shorted while still inside the wedge pattern as a breakdown appeared highly likely & imminent, which the stock going on to gap down the following day & close below the wedge. At that time, the sole price target of 8.10 was listed for the trade but a new first price target will be added at 8.61 with [...]

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