The following video provides an update for all of the official trade ideas on RSOTC as well as some of the recently highlighted unofficial trades with swing trade & trend trading idea on various stocks, ETFs, commodities, bonds & gold along with technical analysis on the US stock market. For those wishing to skip ahead to coverage of a particular security, the following are covered in this order:

  • Stock market analysis via SPY, QQQ, /NQ & /ES
  • AAPL
  • INTC
  • TLT & TBT
  • WEAT, $WHEAT & /ZW (wheat futures)
  • JO, $COFFEE & /KC (coffee futures)
  • REMX (rare earths ETF)
  • Gold via GLD as well as the US Dollar via EUR/USD

playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce video duration