The following video provides technical analysis & trade ideas on crude oil, natural gas, and various agricultural commodities via ETFs, ETNs, & futures. Silver or Gold level access initially required to view.

This video is the 4th in a series covering the various asset classes following the previous videos providing comprehensive analysis on the stock market (equities), bonds (fixed income), and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum & palladium as well as forex/currencies). Due to the sheer number (over a dozen) of commodities covered on multiple timeframes as well as both the futures contract & related ETF/ETN, including both technical analysis as well as some fundamental consideration that might impact the price of various commodities, this video runs longer than usual.

While I would suggest watching the entire video when you get the time, for those wishing to skip ahead to coverage of any particular commodities, the following are covering in this order: crude oil, natural gas, wheat, corn, soybeans, several ETN’s & ETF’s that hold a basket of commodities, sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton & livestock.