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Active Trades – Long

Active Trades are trade ideas that were previously posted as Trade Setups and have since triggered an entry or occasionally, a trade idea that was first posted directly to the active trades category as offering an objective entry at the time of the initial post. Active Trades might also be listed in one or more of the other trade categories as these categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive. E.g.- An Active Trade that still offers an objective entry might also be categorized under the Trade Setups category. Likewise, an Active Trade with multiple prices targets may have already hit one or more of those initial targets with additional target(s) remaining, thereby falling under both the Active Trades and Completed Categories. Traders should look to make any new entries or add to existing Active Trades objectively, such as a on pullback to a support level during an uptrend or a re-test of a broken trend-line, wedge, or channel pattern.

Jul 312015

ASPS (Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.) offers an objective long entry here on the backtest of the 32.88-35.20 support zone.Suggested stops for those only targeting T1 (200-day ema) would be on any move below 32.78 while the suggested stop for those targeting T2 (46.90) or T3 (61.43) would be on any move below 31.05 (or the 32.78 level could also be used for a relatively tight stop for those targeting T2 and/or T3).

ASPS stock chart

ASPS daily July 31st

The 200-day ema, which has capped all advances since April 2014, currently comes in around 41.29 (about 24% above current levels) although keep in mind that the 200-day moving average is dynamic and will move higher along with ASPS, should this trade play out, therefore providing a gain of well over 25%, if hit). As my price targets are usually set slightly below the actual resistance level in order to minimize the chances of missing a fill, should the stock reverse just shy of resistance, T1 will be set 7 cents below the 200-day ema.

ASPS recently reported earnings on July 23rd so we have a few months to worry about any earnings induced gaps. Due to the above average return potential (80+% gain to the final target, should it be hit), ASPS will be added as both an Active Long Trade (i.e.- swing trade) as well as a Long-term Trade (trend trade/investment). Although the stock is trading down sharply today, this trade does offer an extremely attractive R/R with minimal downside if stopped out and relatively large profit potential.

Jul 152015

CNX will be added as an Active Long Trade here (for aggressive traders) with an alternative entry for more conventional traders on a break above this descending price channel. On this daily time frame, CNX has at least two potentially bullish developments that have led [continue reading…]

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