Using Index Short ETFs In Your Trading & Investing

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Using Index Short ETFs In Your Trading & Investing

This video discusses the benefits of incorporating the use of inverse or "short" ETFs that track the major US stock indexes into your trading & investing. The pros & cons of using leveraged vs. non-leveraged ETFs are also covered along with the most liquid inverse ETFs commonly used as either a pure-play short on the stock market or as a hedge to an existing portfolio of long positions. Additional information on leveraged as well as non-leveraged ETFs can be found on the FAQ page under the  ETF Related Questions subsection.

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The following ETFs are highlighted: SPY (1x/non-leveraged bullish S&P 500 Index), SDS (2x leveraged bearish S&P 500), SXPS (3x bearish S&P 500), QQQ (1x bullish Nasdaq 100), QID (2x bearish Nasdaq 100), SQQQ (3x bearish Nasdaq 100), IWM (1x bullish Russell 2000/Small Cap Index), RWM (1x bearish small cap), TWM (2x bearish small cap) & TZA (3x bearish small cap).

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  1. sur non March 18, 2018 9:23 am at 9:23 am

    Call this basic stuff for most members but you have no idea how extremely, extremely helpful this particular video is to some of us. Is there a fast way we can check, on our own, on a daily or weekly basis –
    market breadth? And perhaps more particularly – how you choose to weight it? Or refer me to that piece…you have covered that before, I’m sure, but I can’t find it. Thank you.


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