IHI & Medical Device Sector Trade Ideas (video)

This video covers the outlook for IHI (Medical Devices Sector ETF) and 30 medical device stock trade ideas that appear to offer above average return potential. As 30 stocks plus the Medical Device Sector ETF are all covered, along with price targets & objective entry points, the video duration can be shortened by increasing the playback speed via the settings icon at the bottom right corner of the video. The ticker symbols of the stocks covered in this video can be viewed under the symbol tags listed below this post.

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IHI – Medical Device Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Analysis of IHI (Medical Devices Index Fund ETF) along with 30 of the medical device companies that stand out as compelling trade ideas with above average profit potential at this time. The video begins with coverage of IHI, including some comments regarding the current active trade on that sector ETF, followed by analysis on the following stocks in this order: MDT, ABT, TMO, SYK, BSX, ISRG, BAX, EW, ZBH, IDXX, HOLX, TFX, STE, DXCM, ABMD, BIO, HRC, MASI, PODD, NUVA, PEN, GMED, INGN, OSUR, BEAT, BABY, CSII, ALOG, CRY & ARAY. note: The video playback speed can be increased up to [...]

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OSUR update

OSUR is a good example of two things:  first and most importantly is to always diversify your holdings and never put too much into any one position.  OSUR was at a very profitable gain and almost to the first target when the stock was halted pending the release of the FDA's decision on it's OTC AIDS test kit.  the product was granted approval and the stock was up over 30% the day that it resumed trading (although a good part of that gain was just recouping the recent losses on the stock/gain on the short trade).  had i had an unusually [...]

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OSUR stops lowered

so far (thankfully) OSUR is playing out as i had hoped for with about 1/2 of today's news induced gains being faded.  although this trade is still underwater, it is now a lot closer to break-even and although it's way to early to say with any degree of certainty, this trade could possible still play out to be profitable and hit one of the previous targets, especially if my earlier suspicions that an FDA approval (which BTW, the FDA panel voted 17-0 for approval) was already priced in.  regardless of any "guesses" as to the outstanding supply (sellers) vs. demand (buyers) [...]

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OSUR update

great example of the unexpected overnight risks involved when swing trading (vs. daytrading) a stock.  the OSUR short was halted yesterday pending the announcement of the FDA's approval of it's OTC AIDS test kit.  the did get approval so this trade went from being a 13% winner to a 17% loser overnight.  based on the fact this stock has just barely squeaked out to a new high on the approval, and the fact that the stock was already up about 450% from it's 2009 lows (suggesting that most, if not all of the approval may have already been priced in) i [...]

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OSUR halted

fyi regarding the OSUR short trade: Meanwhile, OraSure (OSUR:$9.10,00$-0.75,00-7.61%) is halted as the FDA advisory panel meets today to decide whether or not to vote in favor of its OraQuick In-Home HIV Test.The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test would be the first Home HIV test that is sold without a prescription.Market chatter has the FDA panel decision coming in later today with the stock opening back up for trading in tonight's after-hours session. earnings and news induced gaps and trading halts on stocks are always part of the game.  these things can go either way but one thing that is almost a [...]

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OSUR update

here's the updated OSUR chart along with the original from last week.  prices are quickly approaching T1 with a 12.2% gain on the short already and although i think that this trade has a good shot of hitting one or both of the additional lower targets (horizontal lines) that i added to this chart, i plan to cover my shares just above that T1 level (8.70) and move this to a completed trade if/when it gets there. i'm going to continue to work on streamlining the set-ups and active trades throughout this week in order to keep only those ideas offering [...]

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