OSUR update

OSUR is a good example of two things:  first and most importantly is to always diversify your holdings and never put too much into any one position.  OSUR was at a very profitable gain and almost to the first target when the stock was halted pending the release of the FDA's decision on it's OTC [...]

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OSUR stops lowered

so far (thankfully) OSUR is playing out as i had hoped for with about 1/2 of today's news induced gains being faded.  although this trade is still underwater, it is now a lot closer to break-even and although it's way to early to say with any degree of certainty, this trade could possible still play [...]

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OSUR update

great example of the unexpected overnight risks involved when swing trading (vs. daytrading) a stock.  the OSUR short was halted yesterday pending the announcement of the FDA's approval of it's OTC AIDS test kit.  the did get approval so this trade went from being a 13% winner to a 17% loser overnight.  based on the [...]

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OSUR halted

fyi regarding the OSUR short trade: Meanwhile, OraSure (OSUR:$9.10,00$-0.75,00-7.61%) is halted as the FDA advisory panel meets today to decide whether or not to vote in favor of its OraQuick In-Home HIV Test.The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test would be the first Home HIV test that is sold without a prescription.Market chatter has the FDA panel [...]

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OSUR update

here's the updated OSUR chart along with the original from last week.  prices are quickly approaching T1 with a 12.2% gain on the short already and although i think that this trade has a good shot of hitting one or both of the additional lower targets (horizontal lines) that i added to this chart, i [...]

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monday notes

sorry for the lack of updates today.  i had to take one of my kids to a couple of dr's appts this morning that turned out to be an all-day event and is still going.  as far as updates on the existing trades i'll try to get caught up to see if there are any [...]

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OSUR short set-up

i received a trendline alert shortly after the open on OSUR today and although i shorted a small position, i am going to wait until this horizontal support level breaks before adding more.  consider a break below that line an official short entry, where i will categorize OSUR as an active trade.  initial target marked [...]

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