IHI & Medical Device Sector Trade Ideas (video)

This video covers the outlook for IHI (Medical Devices Sector ETF) and 30 medical device stock trade ideas that appear to offer above average return potential. As 30 stocks plus the Medical Device Sector ETF are all covered, along with price targets & objective entry points, the video duration can be shortened by increasing the playback speed via the settings icon at the bottom right corner of the video. The ticker symbols of the stocks covered in this video can be viewed under the symbol tags listed below this post.

IHI – Medical Device Sector Analysis & Trade Ideas (video)

Analysis of IHI (Medical Devices Index Fund ETF) along with 30 of the medical device companies that stand out as compelling trade ideas with above average profit potential at this time. The video begins with coverage of IHI, including some comments regarding the current active trade on that sector ETF, followed by analysis on the following stocks in this order: MDT, ABT, TMO, SYK, BSX, ISRG, BAX, EW, ZBH, IDXX, HOLX, TFX, STE, DXCM, ABMD, BIO, HRC, MASI, PODD, NUVA, PEN, GMED, INGN, OSUR, BEAT, BABY, CSII, ALOG, CRY & ARAY. note: The video playback speed can be increased up to [...]

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Short Trade Ideas Updated

The following trade ideas will be removed from the Active Short Trade ideas category over to the Completed Trades (Short) category. EA: This one was suggested to only short a partial (1/2) position with the criteria for the second lot never triggered. The stock went on to exceed the suggested stop of 66.00 and has been moved to the Completed Trades category. ESS: Fell about half way towards the sole profit target before reversing & triggered the suggested stop of a move over 222.00. HOLX: Exceeded the suggested stop of a weekly close above 37.55. SPG: In the last update, it [...]

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HOLX Short Entry & Trade Setup

HOLX (Hologic Inc) will be added as an Active Short Trade here while trading at the top of this bearish rising wedge pattern on the daily time frame. This entry should be considered an aggressive, counter-trend trade as HOLX is in an unmistakeable & powerful uptrend while trading at new multi-year highs. With that being said, I believe a trend reversal in HOLX is imminent as the stock approaches key resistance defined by the January 2008 all-time highs in the stock. That all-time high set in the beginning of 2008 was 36.44 and with the stock currently trading less than a [...]

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