sorry for the lack of updates today.  i had to take one of my kids to a couple of dr’s appts this morning that turned out to be an all-day event and is still going.  as far as updates on the existing trades i’ll try to get caught up to see if there are any highlights but a few shorts that i’m in stand out today.  first off is IMOS, which is up big apparently on a barron’s article that came out over the weekend.  if i was in front of my computer early when the stock was up 17% i would have shorted more.  the chip sector is in heavy distribution & i still feel this trade will hit T1 soon.  regardless of the article related pop which is common for a thin volume stock, this trade is still very profitable from entry.  i will post an updated chart later today.

the OSUR short has broken that support level i had pointed out and then some and is very close to hitting T1 now.  i will also try to update this chart asap as i might add an additional target or two.

the RGR short is now sitting on the bottom of that 4 hour channel so keep an eye on that level as a solid move below would likely open the door to some additional downside.  i may also add targets to that trade as well.