great example of the unexpected overnight risks involved when swing trading (vs. daytrading) a stock.  the OSUR short was halted yesterday pending the announcement of the FDA’s approval of it’s OTC AIDS test kit.  the did get approval so this trade went from being a 13% winner to a 17% loser overnight.  based on the fact this stock has just barely squeaked out to a new high on the approval, and the fact that the stock was already up about 450% from it’s 2009 lows (suggesting that most, if not all of the approval may have already been priced in) i am holding onto my short position with a stop over today’s highs.  when trading biotech and medical related stocks, these FDA rulings are always part of the game.  over time, it’s works out about 50/50, where half of your trades get whacked like this when the ruling goes the wrong way and the other half pay off when the FDA decision aligns with your trade.  bottom line is to never put too large a position in any one stock.