in case anyone did not take full profits at T1 for the quick gain and rode this one out (or re-cycled back into it on the pullback to entry/break-out level), EQR has now hit T2 and will be moved over to the completed trades category.  i’m going to post these charts in reverse chronological order this time as that might be a preferred format for those who only want to view the current chart.  i often post the string of charts made before, during and after a trade primarily for educational purposes as it helps to study the anatomy of a trade step-by-step.  these updated charts also illustrate how often the trades posted here will have what i like a call a “tradable” reaction (i.e.- a bounce or pullback) off the various target levels.  very useful for more active traders who can quickly reverse the trade off these levels (long to short/short to long) and often magnify the gains from entry to final target much more than they would have been from a single entry and exit.