This video includes analysis of the US stock market highlighting some key levels & developments to watch for this week along with some additional considerations followed by a dozen or so trade ideas in various sectors. Also covered towards the middle of the video are some potentially significant trendlines to watch on the market-leading FAAMG stocks which bear watching at this time.

    • Start of video – 13:10 mark: Coverage of SPY & QQQ monthly, daily & 60-minute charts along with some considerations that may come into play, depending on how the charts play over the next week or so.
    • 13:10 – 17:28: Updates on the 6 auto parts companies that were covered as long trade ideas in yesterday video (with targets added).
    • 17:29 – 20:09: Coverage of USO & /CL (crude oil), which may be setting up for the next multi-week/multi-month swing trading opportunity.
    • 21:10 -25:20: Analysis of the FAAMG stocks (FB, AMZN, AAPL, MSFT & GOOG/L) plus INTC & CSCO highlighting some nearby support levels/trendlines to watch.
    • 25:21 – end of video: Coverage of the REIT sector via IYR, SRS & the top components of the REIT sector

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