I’m noticing quite a few bullish trade setups developing in the left-for-dead coal stocks. This video covers the charts of some of my favorites, along with general entry levels (buy triggers) and price targets. As discussed in the video, many of these coal stock are just coming off very strong runs, most into key resistance levels & as such, there is still some work to be done in order to firm up the bullish case for these stocks. While the coal stocks are extremely volatile, aggressive trades, the trade setups highlighted in this video offer very attractive R/R profiles.

Note: The stocks mentioned in this video will be added to the Long Trade Setups category but only as unofficial trade ideas at this time. That means that they will not be categorized as Active Trades, even if any of these stock exceed the entry criteria mentioned in the video. Should I decided to add any of these as official trade ideas, exact buy triggers, price targets and suggested stops will be listed at that time.