Technical analysis on the semiconductor sector via the ETFs; SOXX, XSD & SMH followed by analysis of the 30 stocks within SOXX to provide the intermediate to longer-term outlook for the sector. This video runs longer than usual so I’ve highlighted some of the salient points & below for those wishing to skip ahead to a particular topic or individual stock (or just watch up to the 12:49 mark if you’re not interested in the analysis of the components of SOXX).

  • The video begins with analysis of 3 popular semiconductor ETFs, SOXX, SMH & XSD, including key technical levels & developments to watch for.
  • Starting at the 9:19 mark, a comparison of SOXX & QQQ highlights the history of the semiconductor sector often topping around 6 months before the stock market, as well as the fact that it has now been about 6 months since the semis peaked back on March 13th.
  • Starting at the 12:49 mark, the weekly charts of all 30 components of SOXX are covered in descending order of market capitalization. Key support & resistance levels, price targets & recent or pending developments to watch for on these stocks are discussed. Basically, the majority of the components of SOXX (iShares PHLX Semiconductor Sectors Index ETF) have already broken down below key trendline support following divergent highs. Many of the semiconductor stocks have already fallen 20% or more from their highs earlier this year with other currently trading on or slightly above key support levels.

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