This video provides technical analysis on the US Dollar & Euro, Gold (GLD), GDX as well as the outlook for some of the individual gold & silver mining stocks. Essentially, the near-term outlook for the precious metals & mining stocks remains unclear at this time as they continue to grind around in a multi-month sideways trading range. I made the video by from a request by member@btm in the trading room although I also like to do periodic updates on the precious metals sector as one of the more popular swing trading & investing sectors.
There aren’t any new significant developments in the US Dollar, Gold, Silver or the miners since last week’s video was posted so you might want to skip this one as most of the trade ideas covered in this video are not actionable at this time. However, I did lay out some possible scenarios & objective entry levels along with price targets for some of the individual gold & silver mining stocks covered towards the end of the video for those interested. The video begins with analysis on the US Dollar via EUR/USD followed by GLD (gold ETF), SLV (silver ETF) and about a dozen of the individual stocks within GDX that stand out as potential trade setups.

playback speed can be increased in the settings to reduce the duration of the video