A Few Things That Stand Out Today

Here's a mosaic of 1-minute charts with a few of the things that stand out to me so far today highlighted in red, namely the considerable fade of gains in 2 of the 3 market leading FAAMG stocks that reported earnings after the market close yesterday, with INTC & the semiconductor sector also trading sharply lower after that leading semiconductor stock also reported earnings & gave forward guidance after the market close yesterday. Also worth noting is that the 1% drop in IWM today marks yet another failed breakout attempt to new highs, similar to the failed breakout in late February that was followed by a 6% drop in the small caps.

1 minute chart mosaic April 28th

1 minute chart mosaic April 28th

note: Click to expand this chart to full a full screen view on a computer. Once expanded, the chart can be panned (right-click, hold & drag) and further zoomed by using a mouse scroll-wheel, touchpad (usually by sliding your finger up & down along the far right edge of the touchpad), or click, hold & drag the bottom right corner of the expanded chart (dotted area).

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