After hitting one or more of their profit targets (except for SUNE), the follow Long Trade ideas went on to exceed their maximum suggested stops and have been assigned to the Completed Long Swing Trades category to be archived for future reference:

MBII- In the last update posted on March 1st, MBII had once again hit the T1 level for 29% profit since highlighted as a new objective long entry or add-on just 6 trading sessions earlier. MBII was stopped out on March 23rd on a daily close below 0.99 as per the suggested stop criteria.

SUNE- A long entry on SUNE was posted here back on Feb 2nd at 1.72 & went on to exceed the maximum suggested stop of a close below 1.40 on Feb 23rd. That stop-out was posted that week in the trading room, along with another new, unofficial setup on SUNE within a bullish falling wedge pattern on the 60-minute chart with the stock ripping 83% from that point to hit the 2nd & final target on that unofficial trade the very next day, although the official trade will be archived as a 22.7% loss calculated on the Feb 23rd closing value (keep in mind that as aggressive trades both of those gains & losses should have been substantially mitigated in dollar terms due to the recommended beta-adjustment to any position taken is such an aggressive trade).

VHI- This is was what I refer to as a hybrid-trade. VHI was posted as both a regular Swing Trade (long) setup as well as a Growth & Income Trade setup (which is a sub-category of the Long-term Trade ideas) in this post on Feb 29th. VHI went on later that day to trigger the stated entry of a break above 1.27, exploding from there to hit T1 the following day for a 21% gain & continuing its near-vertical ascent to hit T2 for a 39% gain just 4 trading sessions later. Immediately after hitting T2, VHI reversed trend, moving lower since, exceeded the suggested stop of a 60-minute below 1.18 on Tuesday of this week. I will add that VHI is close to back-testing the primary downtrend line & longer-term charts still look constructive. As such, VHI might be added back as a new Growth & Income Trade idea soon.

The rest of the Active Long Trades look fine for now although there are a few that I plan to update early next week. Should you have any questions or would like an update on any of the Active or recently close trades on the site, please contact me via private message or publicly via the trading room. I hope to have the short trade ideas updated tomorrow before I leave town or by early next week at the latest at which point my focus will turn back to looking for the most attractive new trade setups and/or objective add-on or new entries on any of the existing trade ideas.