Rare Earth Metal Stocks Bullish Outlook (video)

This video begins with an analysis of the STOXX Global Rare Earth index, followed by the charts of REMX (rare earth index etf) and my tops picks for the sector amongst the Rare Earth related companies that trade on the US exchanges. Many of those individual stocks look poised for potential returns that measure well into the triple-digits, although both the expected volatility and downside risk with the individual stocks is very high as well. While somewhat lengthy, this video discusses both the near-term & longer-term outlook for both the sector as well as the individual rare earth companies. Although I [...]

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Long Trades Category Updates

As I was unable to update the Long Trade ideas before I left for vacation, updates on both individual trades will be posted throughout the day  including the "batch" of stopped out trades below. As there are numerous updated to be made in the Long Trades category, email notifications will not be sent out on the remainder of the trade updates today other than any time-sensitive trades. Those signed up for email notifications that are currently following any of the recently active long trade ideas may want to check the site throughout the day for updates. My plan is to bring [...]

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MCP T2 Hit for A 16% Gain

MCP 60 min Oct 8th The MCP (Molycorp Inc) trade has now hit the 2nd target for a quick 16% gain. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising your stops if holding out for any of the additional targets. Although the price action on MCP has been very bullish since the breakout, I have yet to see the other rare earth stocks that I follow acting bullish. In fact, MCP is the only stock in my rare earths watchlist even trading positive today and therefore, I am more concerned with protecting gains by tightening up stops and may [...]

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MCP Update, First Target Hit

MCP 60 min Oct 6th MCP (Molycorp Inc) has hit the first target for a quick 7% gain. MCP was posted as a Long Trade Setup on Thursday afternoon & went on to trigger an entry on a break above 1.37 later that afternoon. At this time I'm only viewing MCP as a quick oversold, counter-trend trade based off the intraday chart although the stock is starting to exhibit some early signs of a possible near-term 0r better bottom in this low-priced, rare earth stock. If I continue to see bullish developments in both MCP as well as the [...]

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MCP Short-term Trade Idea

MCP 60 minute After months of relentless selling, MCP could provide a quick trade to any of these near-term targets on this above-avg. breakout above the 60 minute downtrend line. Those three horizontal lines are the actual resistance levels, best to set your sell limit orders a few cents below your preferred target(s). The entry criteria for this trade will be the NEXT move above the 1.37 level. Prices just broke above the downtrend line as I started typing this post, pulled back to the trendline, and have yet to follow-thru. In order to minimize the chances of going [...]

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MCP Long Setup & Long-Term Trade Idea

MCP will be added a both a Long Trade Setup as well as a Long-Term Trade Setup (click on the links for descriptions of both). Molycorp has been forming a nice basing pattern most of the year and will trigger a long entry on a break above resistance (8.06), preferably on 1.5x or better average volume.  Longer-term traders or investors targeting the final target (T3 around 11.75) might want to wait for a weekly close above resistance before establishing a position.  This MCP 2-day chart shows the long-term primary downtrend which will likely cause a reaction on the stock, should it make [...]

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