Near-term Outlook For US Equities, GDX, GLD & SLV (video)

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  1. GetItRiight January 20, 2016 1:07 pm at 1:07 pm

    Great video with great analysis, as always.


  2. rsotc January 20, 2016 1:27 pm at 1:27 pm

    Thanks GIR. Still too early to rule out further selling but I do believe the R/R for going long here with stops not too far below the lows offers a very nice R/R. If that doesn’t prove to be the case, I won’t go back to a net short position until the next objective entry, which I believe is about another 4% lower. Shorting now or staying aggressively short now is extremely risky as a reversal is likely to be very sharp & swift once it comes & could quite possibly kick-off as a large gap up that catches many off-guard, not providing the existing shorts or wanna-be longs and objective entry. Thanks for the feeback & best of luck on your trades.


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