XSD Breakdown + Semiconductor Short Trade Setups

There's still a bit of work to be done to confirm breakdowns on SMH & SOXX although XSD gave up the ghost (so far) today with an impulsive breakdown below its bearish rising wedge pattern:

XSD daily March 21st

XSD daily March 21st

I believe there is enough evidence in the charts today to add any of the semiconductor sector ETFs as official short trade & I may do so as soon as I get the time to annotate the charts, identify price targets, stops, etc.. so short away if you are so inclined or wait for the official trade entry to be posted if you prefer.

Until then, here are a few of the individual semiconductor related stock that stand out as attractive shorts at this time. Horizontal support lines below with the price labels are my current targets although those are the actual support levels, not adjusted for an optimal fill. Best to set your BTC limit order slightly above your preferred target(s). This is only a few standout semi short trade ideas & far from an inclusive list, nor have I had the time today to look at more than just a handful of the semis so this isn't my "top-pick list" either. Just a few leading semis for that that prefer to trade individual stocks over ETFs. More to follow, especially if I get feedback from members that would like to see more individual stock trade ideas vs. ETFs.

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