A comprehensive overview of various commodities & commodity tracking ETFs. The video begins with a long-term comparison of commodities to the stock market along with some fundamental considerations as well as a discussion on tactical asset allocation, followed by the outlook for various commodity tracking ETN’s & ETFs.

In hindsight, due to the amount of content & charts covered in this video, I should have broken it down into two separate videos. The first part of the video highlights the historical correlation between commodities & the stock market, with that correction flipping from a highly positive to a negative correlation shortly after the effects of Quantitative Easing & the Fed’s ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) began to permeate into the financial markets. That is followed by a discussion on the benefits of asset allocation & diversification in both active trading & investing.

Starting at the 13:46 mark is coverage of various commodity tracking ETNs & ETFs, along with the outlook for each as well as some potential buy & sell points, price targets & technical developments to watch for. The precious metals, industrial metals & related ETNs (GLD, SLV, PPLT, GDX, JJC, JJU & SLX) will be covered in a separate post soon.