Both /NQ & /ES (Nasdaq 100 & S&P 500 futures) have moved below their 60-minute uptrend lines, although not impulsively which what you want to see to confirm a breakout/breakdown, as they are likely awaiting the 8:30 am Employment Situation report before deciding which way to go from here.  60-minute charts below.


/GC gold is coming up on the 1500ish support on the 60-minute chart below where a reaction is likely. /GC is also trading below this daily uptrend line although the day is still young so we’ll have to see if today’s candle closes below or back above the TL as the daily closes are what counts when viewing the daily time frames.

/SI silver at the 18.24ish support with a tradable reaction likely here or off the 17.90 support just below (60-minute chart). /SI is also approaching the uptrend line on this daily chart, where a reaction is likely off the initial tag.

/PL platinum has fallen to the 930 support where a reaction is likely although if the metals fail to bounce soon, the next stop on /PL would be the 913ish support. 60-minute chart.

PL 60-min Sept 6th

PL 60-min Sept 6th