This video begins with the near-term outlook for the US stock market followed by the longer-term outlook via the monthly charts followed by analysis of gold, crude oil, and some potential developments to monitor in the brokerage sector. Silver or Gold level access initially required.

The entire video, starting with a 26½ minute detailed analysis of the various stock indices (large-caps, mid-caps, small-caps) on both the short-term & long-term time frames (the latter of which paints the bigger picture), can be viewed below.

For those wanting to skip ahead to an update on gold via GLD & /GC (gold futures), start the video at the 26.:48 mark. Coverage of crude oil begins at the 29:19 mark which flows into a discussion about the potential risks that still lurk in the financial markets despite the recent rally as one after another cog in the wheel of the tremendously complex & intertwined machine we call the financial markets breaks, with the recent “breaking” of crude futures causing a ripple effect impacting at least one major brokerage firm, IBKR (Interactive Brokers).