Technical analysis of the major stock indices, commodities, & the obscure but (so far) very accurate ‘RP Vacation Indicator’, which tends to correlate with big moves & inflection points in the stock market.

As stated in the video & viewed on the chart below, there seems to be an uncanny pattern of the market making sharp moves and/or major inflection points during every vacation I’ve taken in recent years, with my next vacation starting this Friday (May 12) through the following week. One thing I forgot to mention in the video was highlighting the potential major bottom that the stock market put in on October 13, 2022 which is still THE bear market low so far, with the Nasdaq 100 gaining 27% since then. In that Oct 13th update, I highlighted the bearish engulfing candlesticks that were put in on all the major stock indices, stating; “Bottom line: Bullish “if” QQQ & SPY can build on today’s gains (green daily closes above today’s high…)”. Every US stock index rose from there, remaining above the bullish engulfing sticks & providing “confirmation” or validation of those reversal/bottoming candlesticks. (that one was at the tail end of my ‘forced’ vacation due to being off the grid (no power, electricity, internet, + damage/repair/clean-up, etc..) after a direct hit from Hurricane Ian).

QQQ daily May 9th

QQQ daily May 9th

All vacations (willing & forced, a la Ian) since the bear market started:

St. Lucia Nov 21-26, 2021: short large & small cap indices, Bitcoin, & more.

Maui May 14-20, 2022: Just covered shorts & reversed long for a quick & relatively small bounce (successfully gaming/timing the bounce) followed by another leg down (which came right on cue).

Florida Keys Aug 19-24: Last post before leaving reiterated short/downside target on QQQ, which were hit, along with mid-vacation update expecting a minor bounce (which came, on cue) followed by another big leg down, which also came right on cue & took the stock market down to the mid-Oct bottom).

Hurricane Ian Sept 28th ~ Oct 15: Bullish engulfing candlestick on Oct 13th plus bullish call on Treasuries & more.

Kauai Fri May 12-Sat May 20th: TBD but if the pattern holds, the turn should be in with next leg down finally underway.