This video provides technical analysis & trade ideas of various US Treasury & Corporate bond ETFs & futures including TLT, TBT, JNK, HYG, LQD & /ZB (30-yr Treasury Bond Futures) as well as trade ideas along with objective entry points, price targets, etc. In addition to some potential swing or trend trading opportunities, some considerations regarding asset allocation & positioning in bond within long-term investment accounts (e.g.- IRA’s, 401k’s) are discussed as well.

A good part of the video covers the different types of bonds as well as some of the fundamental factors that affect the prices of different bond types. For those wishing to skip ahead to coverage of a particular securities, the following are covered in this order: TLT (20-30 yr Treasury Bond ETF), /ZB (30-yr T-bond futures), $TYX (30-yr T-bond yield), LQD (investment grade corp bond ETF), JNK & HYG (high-yield/junk bond ETFs), FALN (Fallen Angel’s ETF; bonds that were previous investment grade which have been downgraded to junk status), SJB (short high-yield bond ETF), and IEF (7-10 yr T-bond ETF).

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