SOMX revised targets

i have updated the profit target on the active SOMX short trade.  T1 is now .32 and T2 is .22.  currently, SOMX is bidding .3424 and asking .35 with a LOD of .33.  this trade trigger on a break of that support line at .43 and although 8 cents (.42-.34...ideal entry and exit prices subtracting [...]

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SOMX short update, price target

the SOMX short set-up is now an also active trade with a price target of .20 (i think it will might go to .18 but added a couple of pennies to be safe) with a stop just above that broken support, now resistance line at .42.  again, very high risk, potentially high return trade so [...]

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SOMX short set-up

another one for the gun-slingers only.  with SOMX trading at 44 cents, be advised that anything goes in the wild wild west of penny stock land.  this is the playground of both the get rich quick speculators and the manipulators standing by more than willing to take their money.  therefore DYODD and stay away from [...]

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