Trade Ideas Update

I've spent most of the morning reviewing the charts on all of the active trade ideas.  While all the active longs still look fine, the short trades is a mixed bag right now: Some with nice embedded gains, some close to entry/breakeven, some close to their suggested stop level and some that have already exceeded their previously suggested stop criteria & need to be removed from the Active Trades category (and into Completed Trades).  Those completed trades and their reason for removal are as follows: [...]

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shorting LAMR

LAMR was a successful short that came within 1% of it's 3rd and final target back on June 5th of this year for a 26.7% gain.  Personally, I just recycled back into this on short on the breakdown of this ascending channel that I've been tracking.  First three targets are shown on the daily chart but based on the weekly chart below, along with the astronomical p/e ratio of 436, I may very well add additional downside swing targets if this trade starts to play out.  Consider a stop not too far above the recent highs 40.50ish).

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LAMR second target hit

LAMR has now hit T2 for an 18.5% gain from the posted entry price so consider taking some profits or lowering stops if your plan is to hold out for T3 (final target), which i still think is likely at this time, although a bounce off this T2 support level first is likely.  one other strategy for those holding out for T3 would be to take profits here and re-enter the trade on a break below T2.  charts in order as posted with today's updated chart last.

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LAMR 1st target hit

the LAMR active short trade hit T1 on friday.  consider taking partial or full profits, depending on your trading plan and lowering stops to protect profits.  LAMR still looks good for the lower targets if prices make a solid break below T1. updated 4 hour chart 1st, previous 4 hour chart 2nd:

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LAMR short

with a svelte p/e ratio of only 366, LAMR is the antithesis of a value stock.  4 hour and daily charts look like it recently broke-down from a rising wedge and had the usual post-breakdown buying surge to push it back up to a level which makes it an objective short here, with the appropriate stops in place.  4 hr chart below with targets market.

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