Long Trade Ideas Updated

The trade ideas on Right Side of the Chart are typically updated when each profit target is hit or as soon as possible shortly thereafter. This is due to the fact that all trade ideas shared here have one or more explicit profit target levels. Trade ideas that are removed from the Active Trades category, whether or not one or more profit targets were already hit, are typically moved to the Completed Trades category for one of several reasons: Either they have exceeded the maximum suggested stop level, if one was provided; The trade has exceeded any reasonable stop level, if [...]

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QLGC Long Trade Setup

QLGC daily March 19th Not one of my favorites but then again, I'm not see many new bullish trade setups with above average R/R profiles right now. With that being said, QLGC (QLogic Corp.) would offer an objective entry on a break above this ascending triangle pattern (above the slightly down-sloping uppermost trendline). The first target (T1) would be the yellow downtrend line with the second and final target (T2) at 15.74.  Stops should be determined based upon one's entry price as well as their preferred price target(s), ideally using an R/R (risk-to-reward ratio) of 3:1 or better. My [...]

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