The trade ideas on Right Side of the Chart are typically updated when each profit target is hit or as soon as possible shortly thereafter. This is due to the fact that all trade ideas shared here have one or more explicit profit target levels. Trade ideas that are removed from the Active Trades category, whether or not one or more profit targets were already hit, are typically moved to the Completed Trades category for one of several reasons: Either they have exceeded the maximum suggested stop level, if one was provided; The trade has exceeded any reasonable stop level, if none suggested; The technical outlook for the trade and/or the broad market has changed enough to book profits on the trade before the planned target is reached; or the trade simply no longer looks compelling from a risk/reward perspective and is removed to make room for more attractive trade ideas.

As stop parameters, risk tolerances, holding periods & trading styles vary widely amongst individual traders, many of the stopped out trades or those yet to be stopped out but stuck in a trading range are removed together in bulk from time to time. Remember, all profit targets and suggested stops, if any listed, are simply suggestions based on my own personal trading style and preference of using a R/R (risk-to-reward ratio) of 3:1 or better on each trade (i.e.- accept $1 of downside risk for every $3 of upside profit potential). Some traders might opt for an even lower R/R, say 2:1, while other might only take a trade using a 4:1 or better R/R. Every trader must decide not only which trades to take but also which profit target(s) to aim for as well as which stop-loss parameters to use for each trade.

In reviewing the Long Trade Ideas category tonight, the following trades will now be considered completed as they have either exceeded their previously suggested stop(s), exceeded any reasonable stop (if none suggested), or simply no longer look compelling from a R/R perspective:

CAS- Stopped out per the previously suggested stop criterion of any move below 10.80 shortly after the most recent update last week. FWIW, the stops were barely clipped intraday with CAS closing back above the aforementioned daily support level. Anyone still holding a long position in CAS might want to continue to hold using a daily close below the 10.80 level.

KOL- This coal ETF was originally suggested to only take a partial (1/2) position back in Oct, only bringing to a full position if & when KOL broke above resistance. The ETF has continued to trade in a well defined trading range since then and is only down 8.2% since entry (the equivalent of a 4.1% loss on a full position). KOL still may be in the process of building a powerful base from which to launch a lasting rally but as this trade has been dead money for months & is still within the middle of the trading range, I am will consider this trade stopped out for a loss & may revisit KOL in the future, should prices look poised to break above the basing pattern.

OSTK- I don’t believe a suggested stop was listed although this one fell shy about 1/2 way to the first target & has fallen below entry. OSTK does have fairly strong support not far below around the 13.50 level for those wanting to give it a little more room & I may add OSTK back soon as another new long trade if I see some bullish developments.

QLGC- The breakout on this one failed not long after entry & QLGC exceeded the lower-most suggested stop of a 3:1 R/R ratio using the highest profit target.

TNK- This is an old Trade Setup from last year that I inadvertently categorized as an Active Long Trade. This shipping stock did breakout as per my suggested entry criteria but I had also mentioned that I would update the trade with the official entry… very obscure & even conflicting comments so  although the stock went on to hit the first target for a 20% gain & continued 1/2 to the 2nd & final target for a 77% gain before reversing, technically this trade should have never been listed as Active & as such, will be removed from that category (as an un-triggered trade setup).