Short Trades Category Updated

The following short trades have either exceeded their suggested stop(s) or no longer look compelling from an risk-reward perspective and will be moved to the Completed Trades category: ADBE: Has traded slightly above the suggested stop of 77.09 over the last several trading sessions, resulting in a relatively small loss of 2.8%. As the R/R on this trade was way above average (over 10:1 R/R to the final target), in hindsight, I should have listed multiple stops, not just the sole suggested stop 77.09 which was based on the distance to the first profit target at 69.85. With that being said, [...]

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LOCK Short Entry/Bear Flag Breakdown

LOCK daily Feb 11th LOCK (LifeLock, Inc) offers an object short entry here on today's break below the bear flag pattern. Sole profit target is 12.38 with a suggested stop over 14.90.

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