The following video provides detailed technical analysis of the Nasdaq 100 via QQQ along with the market-leading FAAMG+T stocks (as well as NVDA) outlining my price targets & most likely scenarios.

As this video covers numerous charts on various time frames, it runs longer than usual. While the analysis in this video is somewhat timely, the stock market is likely (but not guaranteed) to grind around without making any major (5%+) moves up or down before the much-anticipated FOMC rate decision & subsequent comments after 2 pm tomorrow. As such, you might want to watch the video later this evening if you don’t have time today. As always, the playback speed of the video can be increased in the YouTube settings (e.g. 1.25x , 1.5x, etc..) to reduce the duration of the video.

The primary focus of the video is analyzing QQQ as well as the top holdings in the Nasdaq 100 on various time frames in order to gauge the most likely near-term & longer-term scenarios. While these odds can & will change as the charts develop going forward, at this time I would assign about a 20% chance that the stock market mounts a tradeable rally from around current levels with roughly equal odds (40% chances) of another 3-6% or ~20% downside to my next long-term swing/trend targets before a meaningful (i.e.- swing tradable, double-digit) rally. The explanation of how those figures were derived is explained in the video as well as some considerations to make in one’s trading & positioning this week (pre & post-FOMC announcement) & going forward, should those scenarios play out.