This video covers over two dozen long-side trade setups on various stocks & sectors. I should add that I continue to struggle to find very attractive, clearly objective trade ideas on the typical kinds of stocks that I prefer to use for the official trades (relatively stable, liquid stocks or sector ETFs). As such, many of the unofficial trade ideas in this video (besides TLT , which is covered near the start of the video, as well as few others) are aggressive trades and most are only trade setups at this time (i.e.- they have yet to trigger a buy signal/objective entry on a breakout above a pre-determined level).

This video is on the long side as I cover over two dozen trade ideas as well as some comments on the broad market & some considerations to make right now as we are in the peak of earnings season. As always, the playback speed can be increased to 1.25x or 1.5x to reduce the playback duration. Those that are patient & waiting for the market conditions to be more conducive to swing trading might opt to skip this one while those looking for trade ideas at this time might be able to find at least a few setups that mesh with their trading style & risk tolerance.