For those looking for some short-side trade candidates, including hedges to a portfolio of longs, the Airline Sector continues to offer some of the most attractive technical setups at this time.  This first string of charts below are the daily and weekly charts of several key airline sectors with clear annotations as to my take on these charts:

The charts below are all daily time frame charts of some of my favorite setups in the airline sector, including the updated chart of the ALK current active short trade, which looks poised to offer a new objective entry and/or add-on to the current position on any move below today’s low of 56.00.  I’ve also included an updated chart of the recently posted SAVE trade setup as well, which hammered off the top of it’s bearish rising wedge pattern today to put in a potentially bearish Gravestone Doji candlestick… another one to keep an eye on this week.

As always, after clicking on the first chart in a string to expand, these charts can be further zoomed by using the scroll-wheel on your mouse; the touch-pad on your laptop (slide finger up & down along the right edge of the touchpad); or simple click & drag the bottom right corner of any expanded image.